About Ratio Staking

The Ratiostaking team creates, supports, manages, a highly available Cardano staking pool. Multiple cloud based environments allow for your stake to grow over time. We enjoy working with Open source Linux systems, and fully believe in the future of Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency growth and investment

At Ratiostaking, we are planning for growth.  The reason we are supporting the Cardano ecosystem is because we believe in the proof of stake consensus mechanism, it has the brightest future.  Cardano has fundamental ideas and plans that fit into a bright future as well.    Our growth plan includes our own tokens, and participating with Plutus smart contracts.

IT Systems

At Ratiostaking, we have a deep enjoyment working with IT environments, especially open source operating systems and applications.  We have been using Linux since 1998, Perl, Python, bash, etc.  Open source, Cryptocurrency, Cardano, staking pools, they are all tangentially related, and a lot of fun!

Our Story

Matthew Boex – Founder / CEO
Hi, I have been working in IT, and with Linux/Unix systems, since 1998. It is through this work that I have developed my sysadmin and programming skills. I am lucky, I truly enjoy working with computers. After spending a short amount of time analyzing the crypto environment, I came to the understanding that Cardano/ADA was for me. I believe in the direction Cardano is moving towards, proof of work crypto’s, and the distributed decentralized pools for processing block transactions. There are many more exciting things in Cardano’s near future, and I am glad I will be along for the ride. Thanks for staking with Ratiostaking!!! Oh, any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up via email or telegram.

Ratio Staking Matthew Boex Portrait